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Anybody who views my primary Blog Lifeofliree.blogspot.com knows I have moments of blogging like a maniac, followed by weeks of silence. This bipolar way of blogging has inspired me to create a mini blog that I can update quickly and frequently. That and Japan’s Ameblo.com. So cute.

For nowthis is just called my mini blog; as in slightly longer/more detailed rants than Facebook and Instagram.

Or pics that are too sh@#ty to post on my primary. Like this cell phone pic of the Rago Shapewear I recieved in the mail today.




Just look at how ‘Smexy’ Hello Kitty is♡♡♡

Kk. I’ll have to bid you all Adieu, its waaaay past my Beauty Sleep hour. That and this TCM WWII movie is starting to get sad and emotional.

btw, is it Amour Toujours or L’Amour Toujours??? Which is more correct and won’t make me look like an idiot????

♡♡♡ Amour/L’Amour Toujours
Li.Ree (mini blog)

P.S. Happy Veteran’s Day!!!