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First of all. Let me begin by patting myself on the back for having egg salad and black bean soup today (for lunch and dinner respectfully). ~Pescetarian Win~

I was watching a room tour this morning of one of my favorite YouTubers and she brought to my attention the idea of creating business cards to somewhat brand my Blog. I don’t currently get paid to blog and that’s not why I do it, but I’ve never believed that there was anything wrong with turning my hobby into a business/brand. Its definitely a fun idea anyway and who knows, maybe I can get some cool contacts or do some networking that way. IJS.

Speaking of YouTube I currently don’t make videos b/c I don’t have a laptop or desktop computer and video editing is damn near impossible on a tablet or phone. I made it a hard core goal to make videos on YouTube frequently about a year ago when I started blogging. But now I think its just fun to write and not have to go back and edit afterwards. I mean I proofread (…sometimes) but I’ve done movie making and YouTubing before and it can be quite tedious. English is my college Major after all. So why not put it to good use.

Most English Majors either end up working as a school teacher or as a (legal) secretary (case in point, I’ve done both). So why not squeeze some creative/leisurely juice out of my degree…

And all tho use years in Art class 0_o

Shout Out to all English and/or Journalism Majors who actually have a career in (book/magazine/poetry/internet) writing!


I guess I owe my Primary Blog’s viewers a couple of Ipsy Bag pictorials and a Birthday blog entry. Timely blogs are nice and all but what’s wrong with a little surprise and anticipation??? After all absence makes the heart grow fonder lol 😉




I bid you all adieu with this fun little life hack. Have any of you ever tried the cutsey little Pumpkin Spice White Chocolate Hershey Kisses {thingys….IDK what they’re called my boss brought them in}. If you’re a chocolate/candy lover they really have a Love It or Leave It treat, but pop one or two in a piping hot Cup-O-Joe and you have an instant Pumpkin Spice Latte. ❤



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